College Girl Guide: Coffee in Copenhagen

When you study abroad in Copenhagen, half of your spending money per week might go towards flat whites and lattes, it's just something that is going to happen. The Danes take pride in their coffee and their coffee shops. Beware, these coffee hidaways have a way of luring you in. 

Here is a guide to all the coffee shops that will exceed your coffee expectations and keep you coming back for more! 

Coffee Collective: Always, always a great way to start the day.

Emmery's: This chain was close to my school (DIS) and they offered a discount to all students...which made my second cup of coffee a day a little more acceptable. 

Democratic Coffee: One of the best latte's. One of my friends also went crazy over their almond croissant. 

Coffee Industry: A two-story coffee shop that I could have easily spent an entire day in. It's decorated through a rustic eye, making me feel like I was back in Atlanta. 

Buzz Kaffebar: Cactuses everywhere. Good coffee and even cuter steps leading into the shop. 

Original Coffee: On the top of Illum, this coffee shop has a view unlike any other. 

Paludan Bogcafe: Coffee shop located in a library, with great coffee, other drinks, smoothies, and amazing salads and brunch? Check. 

Kompa 9 Cafe: A little hole in the wall that I found my two weeks in Copenhagen, and I wish I would have known about it earlier. It's perfect because not many people know about it! Their granola and yogurt is also incredible. Probably my favorite place to spend my afternoon surrounded by locals!

Mad & Kaffe: Staple brunch place with well-made, big yummy lattes. 

Baresso: Another staple chain that will give you a good cup of coffee. 

Kafestuen, Granola, Bevar's Cafe, Next Door Cafe, Atelier September, and Copenhagen Coffee Lab will always deliver when you need your coffee fix.