College Girl Travel Guide: Copenhagen

For four months, I had the privilege of calling Copenhagen home. Iconic, colorful buildings on the canal served as the back drop of my study abroad semester. This post is the beginning of a travel guide series, fit for a college student on a budget. Everything from where to stay, where to eat, what to do, and what to see.  

What to Do:

Tivoli: One of the world's oldest amusement parks built right in the middle of the city, and it's more magical than Disney World. Tivoli is open seasonally in the summer and during Halloween and Christmas time. Click here for seasonal hours. 

Nyhavn: Pastel color houses right on the water lining the street... a girl's picture backdrop dream.

Friendship Boats or Go Boats: If appropriate weather - grab your friends, some charcuterie and wine, and a responsible boat driver to glide along the canals. Go around dinner time to get a glimpse of the sunset as your finishing up. Click here for Go Boats and click here for Friendship Boats. 
*p.s. if it's cold, look into the hot tub boats
*p.p.s Friendship Boats were my favorite. 

Harbour Baths: Again, if weather permitting, take the metro to Island Bryyge and soak up Copenhagen's idea of a beach. On a sunny, warm day you'll find tons of Danes on the lawn getting some sun and jumping off the "cliffs." 

Hillsong: A sweet church that I got to call home for a few months. The people are great, the Gospel is very evident, and it's all in english! The best way to spend a Sunday! 

Bike: Rent some bikes and go on a ride around the city. If biking is second nature to you, any hour will work for you, just know that biking is perceived as another car in the eyes of the Danes. If you like relaxing bike rides, go in the morning hours on the weekend. 

Climb the Church of Our Savior: Best view of the city by far. 

What to Eat

If you want to eat on Nyhavn and not spend a fortune at the tourist trap restaurants, eat at Gorm's. Pizza, salads, and a cool vibe, Gorm's serves as the perfect affordable place to eat. There are two other Gorm's locations as well. 

GRØD: I don't like oatmeal or porridge, but GRØD has changed that. The perfect breakfast, and it's cheap! 

Mad & Kaffe: I'm mad about brunch here. GO HERE, and here to check it out. 

42 Raw: A health nut's dream. All raw, natural, organically made. Acai bowls were my go-to! 

Väkst: A quintessential Scandinavian dinner. More on the expensive side, but definitely a yummy, aesthetically pleasing, Denmark feel. Click here for the restaurant's website. 

Paper Island: Street food meets good food. From falafel, to tacos, to sweet potato fries, to BBQ, to sushi, to cheesecake. A giant warehouse with every kind of food you could ever want. Grab a mojito and whatever you're in the mood to eat, and sit outside by the water and watch the boats go by. 

Where to Stay

I'm only familiar with two places to stay in the city. For a cheap hostel, Copenhagen Downtown is nice (via one of my friends). For a hotel, the Kong Arthur was absolutely beautiful! I stayed here with my mom when she came to visit, and I did not want to leave!

Where to Shop

Strøget is the longest pedestrian street FULL of shops and cafes.

My favorite stores to shop in were:
& Other Stories
Magasin (similar to Nordstrom) 
Notre Dame (similar to Anthropologie Home)

Where to Get Your Coffee Fix

Check out my previous coffee in Copenhagen post with everything coffee, and write-ups on each!
Below are a few of my favorites. 

Coffee Collective
Democratic Coffee
Coffee Industry
Buzz Kaffebar
Original Coffee
Kompa 9 Cafe

Beautiful Streets

Sankt Pauls Gade
Magstræde and Snaregade

If you would like a personalized Copenhagen Travel Guide, contact me. 

What are your favorite places and things to do in Copenhagen?? 
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