Paris, France

The City of Love, for those romantics. The City of Lights, for the others. 

A whole week off of school allowed my mom and I to have a girls week in Paris, France. What a dream!! Five full days spent seeing the wonderful sights with the best travel partner.

Here is a full itinerary of what five days looks like in Paris, with a bit of a broader budget: 

Day 1

Arrive at La Villa Saint Germain des Pres
Hit a flea market. Located at Saint Ouen, the window shopping and antique Parisian items are on point. Who knows, you may find a treasure! 
Visit the all-famous Notre Dame Cathedral
Take a boat ride along the Seine. Leaving from Pont Neuf, time the ride just right so your out on the water along sunset. You'll get a killer view of the Eiffel Tower and it gives you a good idea of the city limits. 


Day 2

Breakfast at Eggs & Co. 
Walk up Montmartre. See the beautiful church perched up on the hill with the sight of the Paris skyline. 
Explore the cute city of Montmartre. It had a Mediterranean kind of feel.
Take a tour of the city on bikes. Paris Charms and Secrets was a four hour tour that takes you through little streets, bringing Parisian secrets to life. 
Dinner at Au 35.

Day 3

Visit the Tulleries Garden and the Lourve. 
Stop for a quick snack at Lauduree. 
Cook up a storm at a French cooking class.
The best way to experience a taste of France. Our lead chef was a hoot, and the food (we made) was absolutely delicious. Le Foodist offers wine tastings, food tours, pastry cooking classes, and full course meal cooking classes. 


Day 4

Breakfast at Coutume
Visit the Eiffel Tower.
Walking the streets leading up to the Eiffel Tower is special. Grab a coffee and just walk. Going up the Eiffel Tower didn't seem that important.
Shop the French department stores. Department stores in Europe are grand and offer a whole new experience. Also, hit up a Longchamp store, the bags are cheaper in France than they are in the US. 
Get your museum fix at Musee d'Orsay. Attention college students on study abroad - you will get some sort of deal as a student temporarily a citizen of a European country. Free admission was the result.
Dinner at Semilla. 

Day 5

Day trip to Versailles. It was a little rainy the day we went, and that is definitely the time to go. We had the whole palace to ourselves with no lines or waits! 
Dinner at a restaurant right next to Semilla. I forget what it is called for the life of me!! But it's right next door. They're octopus was incrediiiiiible. 


What are your favorite places in Paris??? Comment below!