Vienna + Salzburg, Austria


Tip: Go to every city in Austria if able. 
Austria is what little European towns in the movies are based off of, at least that's what it seems. There's a special charm about this country.

My best friend and I jet-setted off to Austria for a long weekend. We stayed every night in Vienna and we took a day trip to Salzburg.

In Vienna...

What to do. 

  • Attend an opera in the Vienna Opera House. As I am not an opera lover, by any means, this opera house is home to some incredible talent and beautiful interiors. Go for the cheapest tickets, just getting into the door is worth it. Also, operas give you a little excuse to dress up.

  • Visit the Imperial Palace. The real life version of Cinderella's castle.
  • Walk through the Nashmarket. Tons of markets. The people working the markets will let you try just about anything, so go on an empty stomach.
  • Horse Drawn Carriage. Something I didn't do, but I wish I did. Horse drawn carriages are stationed in front of the Imperial Palace, ready to take you on a little ride around the city. But this way, you can cuddle up and get cozy with blankets and a hot cup of coffee.

Where to eat.

  • Breakfast at The Breakfast Club. A local spot.
  • For a Coffee Fix
    • Cafe Central - Adolf Hitler used to have meetings here with Joseph Stalin.
    • Cafe Sperl - another historic coffee shop
    • phil
  • Ice cream at Eis Greissler (I understand it could be cold when you travel here, but that is not the point. This ice cream is a MUST.)
  • Dinner at Bier and Bierli after the Opera. It's right across the street from the Opera house. 

In Salzburg...

What to do.

  • Reenact the Sound of Music at Mirabell Palace and Gardens

  • Meet Mr. Von Trapp. Ha just kidding, but walk to the Von Trapp House. It is not called Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron. It is blocked off to the public, but walk around the lake to see everything you have ever dreamed of seeing. 
  • Visit Sankt Peter Church and the Cemetery. A historic church with a beautiful cemetery full of stories. 

Where to eat.

  • For Breakfast
    • Fingerlos
    • The Heart of Joy Cafe
    • Cafe Bazar
  • For Lunch
    • 220 GRAD
  • For Dinner
    • L'Osteria. Delicous pizza, and a cool feel. 
    • Barenwirt OG

Austria is a magical city that has a special ring to it. The dream is traveling to Austria during the Christmas season - I can only imagine how incredibly beautiful it is with a little holiday charm. 

What are your favorite places in Austria?? Comment below!