Vienna + Salzburg, Austria


Tip: Go to every city in Austria if able. 
Austria is what little European towns in the movies are based off of, at least that's what it seems. There's a special charm about this country.

My best friend and I jet-setted off to Austria for a long weekend. We stayed every night in Vienna and we took a day trip to Salzburg.

In Vienna...

What to do. 

  • Attend an opera in the Vienna Opera House. As I am not an opera lover, by any means, this opera house is home to some incredible talent and beautiful interiors. Go for the cheapest tickets, just getting into the door is worth it. Also, operas give you a little excuse to dress up.

  • Visit the Imperial Palace. The real life version of Cinderella's castle.
  • Walk through the Nashmarket. Tons of markets. The people working the markets will let you try just about anything, so go on an empty stomach.
  • Horse Drawn Carriage. Something I didn't do, but I wish I did. Horse drawn carriages are stationed in front of the Imperial Palace, ready to take you on a little ride around the city. But this way, you can cuddle up and get cozy with blankets and a hot cup of coffee.

Where to eat.

  • Breakfast at The Breakfast Club. A local spot.
  • For a Coffee Fix
    • Cafe Central - Adolf Hitler used to have meetings here with Joseph Stalin.
    • Cafe Sperl - another historic coffee shop
    • phil
  • Ice cream at Eis Greissler (I understand it could be cold when you travel here, but that is not the point. This ice cream is a MUST.)
  • Dinner at Bier and Bierli after the Opera. It's right across the street from the Opera house. 

In Salzburg...

What to do.

  • Reenact the Sound of Music at Mirabell Palace and Gardens

  • Meet Mr. Von Trapp. Ha just kidding, but walk to the Von Trapp House. It is not called Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron. It is blocked off to the public, but walk around the lake to see everything you have ever dreamed of seeing. 
  • Visit Sankt Peter Church and the Cemetery. A historic church with a beautiful cemetery full of stories. 

Where to eat.

  • For Breakfast
    • Fingerlos
    • The Heart of Joy Cafe
    • Cafe Bazar
  • For Lunch
    • 220 GRAD
  • For Dinner
    • L'Osteria. Delicous pizza, and a cool feel. 
    • Barenwirt OG

Austria is a magical city that has a special ring to it. The dream is traveling to Austria during the Christmas season - I can only imagine how incredibly beautiful it is with a little holiday charm. 

What are your favorite places in Austria?? Comment below! 

What I Wish I Knew Before Studying Abroad

One year ago, I started calling Copenhagen, Denmark home. "New" was the buzzword of the month. Everything was thrown at me all at once - a new family, a new school, a new city, a new language, and new friends. I took all the discomfort right in front of my eyes and turned it into the best four months of my life. 

What do I wish I knew before embarking on this journey?
Here are ten ideas to dwell in as your approaching this new season of life!  

  1. Never say no.
    "Yes" should become second nature. Whether someone you barely know asks you to join them on a boat ride with other people you don't know, or one of your new classmates asks you to meet for coffee and you think it could be extremely awkward - your answer is YES. Never pass up an opportunity no matter how awkward you may think it will be.  
  2. It's not that hard to make friends.
    Everyone is in the same general boat, experiencing the same general feelings. Everyone wants friends! 
  3. Pack right - pack light. 
    You will buy many things, even if you say you won't.. you will.
    Bring staples that can be worn over and over again.
  4. You will feel homesick, that's just part of it. 
    Give yourself a few weeks to get acclimated to your new life. Homesickness can be a sweet reminder to call home, but don't let it be a hinderance to your experience. 
  5. Keep a blog, or a journal. 
    I kept a blog (Blonde Eventyr) for my abroad experience. It was the perfect platform to write and share my weekly life to friends and family back home. But, I encourage a tangible book or journal to write in everyday. Looking back a semester or three years later, it will be a gift. 
  6. Culture shock is a real thing, but also a really beautiful thing. 
    With new countries, you can expect new cultures. Learn to love the differences. 
  7. Bring over your favorite sweets on the plane, and enough for you to survive the first week. 
    Europe is wack in the candy department (my own opinion). Keep an emergency stash just in case! 
  8. Go as many places as you can go.
    This is your time to view the world as your oyster. Spend the extra money to do something you would never be in the position to do again. Even in the city your living in, try new coffee shops or walk down new streets, get out of a routine. 
  9. Make an effort to make friends with the locals. 
    One of my great friends I met while in Copenhagen was a Dane. Something would have been missing in my abroad experience without the local flare. 
  10. You will come back home changed after this semester. 
    The stereotypical expression you hear regarding study abroad is along the lines of, "you will discover yourself." I for one thought that was stupid when I first heard it because I know who I am - I am a daughter of God, who's on this earth to love and grow the Kingdom. That is all still true, however, I found out more about myself regarding the posture of my heart. Be open and expect to be moved in ways you never thought possible. 


Coming back to the states after the fairytale life I lived in Copenhagen, I wanted a special piece of artwork to always remember that part of my life adventures. Modern Map Art has prints for all cities and landscapes that pull a room together. I have LOVED my print.


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What do you wish you knew before studying abroad, or entering a new season? 
What do you want to know before you embark on your new abroad journey?

Comment below! 

College Girl Travel Guide: London

Just touched down in London Town!
Typically one arrives in London through Heathrow, taxi's to a hotel, and begins their royal, english vacation. Still taking London by storm, a college girl's experience may look a little different, but may also look a bit more adventurous. 

How to Get to London

If you're flying from another European country, take RyanAir Airlines. I managed to fly to and from London for under $100. The catch is you will fly into London Luton Airport, which is about 45 minutes away from the heart of London. Not the most ideal situation, however a cheap flight and a no-stress bus ride on easyBus make this decision a no-brainer. 

Where To Stay

The cheapest, most reliable option is Airbnb. Airbnb is always my go-to! We stayed in a small apartment in South Kensington and it was in the perfect area, close to everything, and served as a great place to touch down after our 30,000+ walking days. 

What to Do + Where to Eat in London Neighborhoods

Notting Hill

To do
- Walk the streets lined with colorful houses that will tug at your heart like no other
- Portabello Market
- Visit the ever so famous Notting Hill Book Store, Hugh Grant's bookstore in the Notting Hill film

To eat
- Farm Girl Cafe
- Eggbreak
- The Biscuiteers Boutique and Icing Cafe (Most definitely instagrammable)
- The Hummingbird Bakery
- Blend
- Snaps + Rye


To do
- Morning jog in Hyde park through Kensington Gardens... maybe you'll see Princess Kate and Prince Harry, you never know! 

To eat
- The Orangery for high tea!! The royal treatment. 
- The Queens Arms



To do
- See the most up to date, most famous modern artwork at the Tate Modern
- Watch the street performers on a beautiful day along the river
- Walk the Harry Potter #5 famous bridge
- The London Eye, I for one don't think its worth the money, but it is cool!

To eat
- Southbank Food Market
- Arabica Bar & Kitchen



To do
- Iconic department store shopping at Harrod's.
- Make your Parent Trap dreams come true and visit the London house.

To eat
- Harrod's may have every type of cuisine you could ever crave, and it's all yummy! Get a zebra donut. 
- Squirrel


To do
- Take a picture in the iconic red phone booths
- Visit the must-see's: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey


To do
- Tour the Windsor Castle
- Walk the cute little town

To eat
- The Carpenter's Arms



To do
- Covent Garden
- See a broadway show at The Shaftesbury Theatre

To eat
- MEATliquor W1
- Ben's Cookies
- The Black Penny
- Bukowski Grill
- Nopi
- Dehesa

Four days wasn't nearly enough time in London. If I had a few more days I would have loved to check out:

  • Explore the England countryside
  • Satisfy my Harry Potter obsession and visit Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland, England, and the Great Hall and other filming locations in the heart of Oxford. 
  • Travel to the Jurassic Coast 
  • Spend a day in Wimbledon 
  • Take a day trip up to Lancashire, home to witch trials which took place in the late 1600's 

Comment with your favorite neighborhood of London!

College Girl Travel Guide: Copenhagen

For four months, I had the privilege of calling Copenhagen home. Iconic, colorful buildings on the canal served as the back drop of my study abroad semester. This post is the beginning of a travel guide series, fit for a college student on a budget. Everything from where to stay, where to eat, what to do, and what to see.  

What to Do:

Tivoli: One of the world's oldest amusement parks built right in the middle of the city, and it's more magical than Disney World. Tivoli is open seasonally in the summer and during Halloween and Christmas time. Click here for seasonal hours. 

Nyhavn: Pastel color houses right on the water lining the street... a girl's picture backdrop dream.

Friendship Boats or Go Boats: If appropriate weather - grab your friends, some charcuterie and wine, and a responsible boat driver to glide along the canals. Go around dinner time to get a glimpse of the sunset as your finishing up. Click here for Go Boats and click here for Friendship Boats. 
*p.s. if it's cold, look into the hot tub boats
*p.p.s Friendship Boats were my favorite. 

Harbour Baths: Again, if weather permitting, take the metro to Island Bryyge and soak up Copenhagen's idea of a beach. On a sunny, warm day you'll find tons of Danes on the lawn getting some sun and jumping off the "cliffs." 

Hillsong: A sweet church that I got to call home for a few months. The people are great, the Gospel is very evident, and it's all in english! The best way to spend a Sunday! 

Bike: Rent some bikes and go on a ride around the city. If biking is second nature to you, any hour will work for you, just know that biking is perceived as another car in the eyes of the Danes. If you like relaxing bike rides, go in the morning hours on the weekend. 

Climb the Church of Our Savior: Best view of the city by far. 

What to Eat

If you want to eat on Nyhavn and not spend a fortune at the tourist trap restaurants, eat at Gorm's. Pizza, salads, and a cool vibe, Gorm's serves as the perfect affordable place to eat. There are two other Gorm's locations as well. 

GRØD: I don't like oatmeal or porridge, but GRØD has changed that. The perfect breakfast, and it's cheap! 

Mad & Kaffe: I'm mad about brunch here. GO HERE, and here to check it out. 

42 Raw: A health nut's dream. All raw, natural, organically made. Acai bowls were my go-to! 

Väkst: A quintessential Scandinavian dinner. More on the expensive side, but definitely a yummy, aesthetically pleasing, Denmark feel. Click here for the restaurant's website. 

Paper Island: Street food meets good food. From falafel, to tacos, to sweet potato fries, to BBQ, to sushi, to cheesecake. A giant warehouse with every kind of food you could ever want. Grab a mojito and whatever you're in the mood to eat, and sit outside by the water and watch the boats go by. 

Where to Stay

I'm only familiar with two places to stay in the city. For a cheap hostel, Copenhagen Downtown is nice (via one of my friends). For a hotel, the Kong Arthur was absolutely beautiful! I stayed here with my mom when she came to visit, and I did not want to leave!

Where to Shop

Strøget is the longest pedestrian street FULL of shops and cafes.

My favorite stores to shop in were:
& Other Stories
Magasin (similar to Nordstrom) 
Notre Dame (similar to Anthropologie Home)

Where to Get Your Coffee Fix

Check out my previous coffee in Copenhagen post with everything coffee, and write-ups on each!
Below are a few of my favorites. 

Coffee Collective
Democratic Coffee
Coffee Industry
Buzz Kaffebar
Original Coffee
Kompa 9 Cafe

Beautiful Streets

Sankt Pauls Gade
Magstræde and Snaregade

If you would like a personalized Copenhagen Travel Guide, contact me. 

What are your favorite places and things to do in Copenhagen?? 
Comment Below! 

College Girl Guide: Coffee in Copenhagen

When you study abroad in Copenhagen, half of your spending money per week might go towards flat whites and lattes, it's just something that is going to happen. The Danes take pride in their coffee and their coffee shops. Beware, these coffee hidaways have a way of luring you in. 

Here is a guide to all the coffee shops that will exceed your coffee expectations and keep you coming back for more! 

Coffee Collective: Always, always a great way to start the day.

Emmery's: This chain was close to my school (DIS) and they offered a discount to all students...which made my second cup of coffee a day a little more acceptable. 

Democratic Coffee: One of the best latte's. One of my friends also went crazy over their almond croissant. 

Coffee Industry: A two-story coffee shop that I could have easily spent an entire day in. It's decorated through a rustic eye, making me feel like I was back in Atlanta. 

Buzz Kaffebar: Cactuses everywhere. Good coffee and even cuter steps leading into the shop. 

Original Coffee: On the top of Illum, this coffee shop has a view unlike any other. 

Paludan Bogcafe: Coffee shop located in a library, with great coffee, other drinks, smoothies, and amazing salads and brunch? Check. 

Kompa 9 Cafe: A little hole in the wall that I found my two weeks in Copenhagen, and I wish I would have known about it earlier. It's perfect because not many people know about it! Their granola and yogurt is also incredible. Probably my favorite place to spend my afternoon surrounded by locals!

Mad & Kaffe: Staple brunch place with well-made, big yummy lattes. 

Baresso: Another staple chain that will give you a good cup of coffee. 

Kafestuen, Granola, Bevar's Cafe, Next Door Cafe, Atelier September, and Copenhagen Coffee Lab will always deliver when you need your coffee fix. 


The last stop: Barcelona. 
I would describe Barcelona as the city with everything you could possibly ask for. The city? Check. The beach? Check. Night life? Check. Yummy food? Check. "I'm going to go broke" Shopping? Check. And the list goes on. 

The first day I arrived, I explored streets around my apartment in the Barri Gòtic area and then made my way to La Sagrada Familia. Usually on these trips in Europe, I get "churched" out, but this Cathedral had me mesmerized. Guadí's architecture is world-class. The interior of La Sagrada Familia is filled with spiny tree-like columns and illuminating stained glass. I also got to tour one of the bell towers, which took me all the way up a windy staircase to the top of the tower. 

Day two consisted of walking, eating, and more walking. I hit Park Güell, another one of Guadí's works, where there were unique designed buildings and mosaics. For lunch, I decided to visit one of Barcelona's famous markets - Mercat de la Boqueria - off of La Rambla street. This market had everything from fresh seafood caught that morning to zoma (fruit juices) to vegan wraps... Yum!
Because we only had three days in BCN, laying out at the beach would have been not the smartest way to make of my time, so just a dip in the Mediterranean Sea would do. The Barcelona beaches are full of young people - 'full' being the key word here - the beach was so crowded. But regardless of the packed beach, the water was blue as can be. 

The last day of my trip and last day in Spain was a great way to end. I got up in the morning, went searching for a good cup of cafe con leche and a croissant, then made my way to the Olympic Village. The massive Olympic structures guided me towards the Palau Nacional, which wasn't even on my list to see, such a treat! Approaching the now art museum, I felt like on a National Treasure movie set - fountains, statues, and important historic things were surrounding me. I finished up the night with last minute shopping and delicious tapas, sangria, and gelato (of course!). 

Here are some pictures of the visit!

Shirt: J.Crew // Shorts: Anthropologie (similar  here )  

Shirt: J.Crew // Shorts: Anthropologie (similar here)  

Shirt: Same as above (Oh how I love this shirt!) //  Shorts:  J.Crew  

Shirt: Same as above (Oh how I love this shirt!) //  Shorts: J.Crew 

Leaving is always bittersweet. Sad to be leaving such a beautiful country, but happy to start my summer in the real world. Hasta luego Epaña!


The next stop on the trip: Toledo.

The "Imperial City" is a highly-cultured, fortress city with small pathways big enough only for a man and his horse to walk through. Getting off the train from Madrid, I took a taxi and ooh'ed and ahh'ed at the picturesque sites leading up to the fortress. I visited one of the most prominent Gothic-style Cathedrals in Spain - Catedral de Toledo. The monastery was also close by, and lucky for me, I was there the only day it was open! Exquisite walls and doors surrounded the open gardens in the middle of the Holy place. 

That night, I had dinner at a place called "Adolfo's." Only one word can describe it: One-of-a-kind. One of the waiters gave me a small tour of their wine cellar where it held up to a million different wines from all around the world. The food was absolutely incredible. I ended the magical night with a look from Adolfo's rooftop terrance overlooking the entire city. 

Here are some pictures of the visit! 

Shirt:  Madewell   // Shorts:  J.Crew  // Shoes :  Vans 

Shirt: Madewell  // Shorts: J.Crew // Shoes : Vans 

It was a magical day I will never forget.
Now I am off too...........



After recovering from jet lag, and sipping my fair share of cafés con leche - I arrived in Madrid, Spain!

Palacio Real de Madrid was first on the list and it sure lived up to its name. Its glamour and elegance had me   thinking, "I think someday, I would like to become royal"... only a girl can dream. 
Later that night I met up with a high school friend who lives in Madrid and he brought me to one of his favorite local restaurants. It couldn't have been more perfect for my first night out! 

Day two was full of exploring hidden streets and shopping. Walking and shopping sure can tired you out - by siesta time, I was dragging. The cure? Taking a break and ordering some tapas! Boy was it good.
That night, I saw a bull fight. You can't go to Spain and not see a bull fight, so I took the metro over to the Plaza de Toros and took my seat in the large arena.  Honestly, it was pretty gruesome and sad watching the bull get teased and killed, but the atmosphere was unlike anything I've ever seen. 

Converse:  Jack Purcell  // Pants:  Loft  // Shirt: Madewell (similar  here  or  here ) // Bag: Madewell (similar  here ) 

Converse: Jack Purcell // Pants: Loft // Shirt: Madewell (similar here or here) // Bag: Madewell (similar here

Dress:   ASTR   // Cardigan: BCBG (similar   here  ) // Bag: Ralph Lauren (similar   here  )

Dress: ASTR // Cardigan: BCBG (similar here) // Bag: Ralph Lauren (similar here)

Shorts:  J. Crew  // Shirt: Jigsaw (similar  here ) 

Shorts: J. Crew // Shirt: Jigsaw (similar here


Madrid was amazing, and a great first look at Spain. Adios! 
Now, I am off to.............