Are Tieks Worth It?

Some of you may know that I am studying in Copenhagen, Denmark this semester, which is the main reason why I have been MIA on this blog and have been fully present on my abroad blog -  (check it out!!)

Packing for abroad was a challenge, and that is the biggest understatement. How could I possibly fit three seasons of clothes for four months in two suitcases?? I packed my clothes, made my way to packing the little things, and held off on the shoes because it was simply too hard. Long story short, I was only able to fit one pair of ballet flats in my suitcase. 

As much as I love my flats, imagining walking miles around the cobblestone city streets in them didn't sit well with me. I remember reading about Tieks, the most versatile comfortable ballet flats in the world. I thought no way these flats would be as comfortable as they say they are and work as my one and only pair of flats abroad...

Tieks are 100% worth it! I absolutely adore these flats. 
I wear them at least 5-6 times a week, they go with everything, and I have not once had blisters or feet cramps from wearing them too much. Breaking them in is not necessary, and they provide ample support. I will agree the steep price will make you take a step back, but it's an investment worth investing in. 

One pair of Tieks is not enough! My leopard Tieks have been getting some serious wear in the streets of Copenhagen. See where my Tieks have been so far!