I Believe in Choosing Joy

When we wake up every morning, we are presented with a choice on how the day is going to go. We can choose what seems like an easy path of rational reactions to whatever situation is thrown at us, or we can choose joy and take on the situation with the confidence that God is good.

I do believe choosing joy is hard. How many times have I let my joy been ripped out from underneath me though sitting in traffic jams which never seem to end, communicating with others who clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed, a bad day at practice, or even if my coffees not hot enough. Its hard to choose joy when family hardships, uncertainty, or heartbreaks come full speed into your life. These feelings have the power to overwhelm and disrupt any sort of joy, but I believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m not saying I always actively and intentionally choose joy. I have had my fair share of hardships that presented me with a fork in the road – one way to throw myself an ongoing pity party and one way to rejoice and trust in God’s sovereignty - despite my circumstances.

Happiness comes and goes. Joy does not. Joy is something we constantly choose to live out. Fixing our eyes on how good our God is through the good and bad situations is choosing joy.

In choosing joy, I get to wake up everyday with a smile on my face and know that I’m unconditionally loved by our Creator. In choosing joy, I face all types of circumstances with the assurance of God’s goodness. In choosing joy, I get to experience this hard life we all live with God’s promise of eternal life. In choosing joy, I choose Christ. 


I'm back attending class, and I have to sit through a three hour long class called, "Crafting a Meaningful Life." It's heavily physiological and philosophical based, and the idea of one's purpose and life's meaning has already been brought up full flame since this class began three days ago. 
We were asked to write an individual "This I believe" essay, and we had the opportunity to share in front of the class. I first of all believe I am in this class for a reason, and I believe I could have an impact on informing some of the class about God and the sweet gift we have of eternal life through Jesus Christ.