Back to school: Planners

Yes, there is only one week until the new school year begins. I'm both crying and cheering thinking about my junior year of college and what it's going to entail. BUT, what is a better way to start the school year then with a cute, new planner. 

1.  'I Am Very Busy' - ($20)  
2. Leather Academic Planner - Gallery Leather ($26)
3.  Polka Dot Academic Planner - Sarah Pinto ($15)
4. 2016 Toile - Rifle Paper Co. ($34)
5.  Large Agenda, Black Stripe - Kate Spade ($36)
6.  Large Agenda Spiral - Lilly Pulitzer ($36)
7. Simplified Planner App - Emily Ley ($4.99) (For the tech lover)
8. Wise Words Planner - 1Canoe2 ($44)
9.  Simplified Planner - Emily Ley ($58) (Available Sept. 9)

My freshman year of college, I used a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. It is  great - lots of room to write, cute designs on every page, and it comes in all the popular Lilly prints.  Come my sophomore year, I wanted a planner that was a little more professional looking. I decided to use the Leather Academic Planner. I absolutely loved using it - professional yet youthful, durable leather, and double space to write. 
This year, I am going for the classic professional look, the Kate Spade Black Stripe Agenda. I'm always looking to change it up, and go for a new look.

What agenda are you using this school year?

(P.S. the Annual Lilly Sale is today and tomorrow only. Get shopping!)